Cocktail Menu

Cocktail Menu


MOJITO €11,50 | Havana 3, lime juice, mint leaves, crushed ice, soda

ESPRESSO MARTINI €12 | Absolut vanilla, Licor de cafe, espresso, vanilla bitter

NEGRONI €11 | Tanqueray gin, Dollin red vermouth, Campari

POMEGRANATE CAIPIRINHA €12 | Cassonade, lime, cachaca Sagatiba, Pama liqueur

SLOE GIN FIZZ €11 | Plymouth sloe gin, lemon juice, soda

SOUTHSIDE FIZZ €12 | Lime juice, cucumber, Monin elderflower syrup, Portobello gin, soda

EARL GREY TOM COLLINS €11 | Earl grey gin, lemon juice, soda

LONG ISLAND €13 | Gordon’s gin, Smirnoff vodka, Havana rum, triple sec, lemon juice, diet coke

TOBLERONE MARTINI €12 | Licor de cafe, crema d’orujo, Frangelico hazelnut liqueur, cream

DARK N’ STORMY €11 | Kraken, lime juice, FeverTree ginger beer

PORNSTAR MARTINI €12,50 | Absolut vanilla, pasoa, passionfruit puree, pineapple juice, lemon juice, Prosecco shot

MARGARITA €11,50 | Tequila altos, triple sec, lime juice

JACKS BLOODY MARY €11 | Lemon juice, cherry tomatoes, celery, Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, pepper, Ketel 1, tomato juice

BERRY DAQUIRI €11,50 | Havana 3, raspberry & strawberry puree, lime juice

OLD FASHIONED €12 | Bulleit bourbon, Angostura bitters, orange bitters, vanilla bitters


CLASSIC SANGRIA €7 glass / €21 jug | Red wine, brandy, orange liqueur, Licor 43, lemonade


Copiña is our partner bar in Méribel and Courchevel. Copiña serves bespoke cocktails and Galician-inspired tapas. We don’t open the venues during summer, so they’re making a special guest appearance on our menu at Jacks…

GARDEN COLLINS €12,50 | Tanqueray gin, cordial de concombre & basilic maison, jus de citron, sucre de canne, FeverTree elderflower tonic

COPIÑA SPRITZ €12 | Cinzano aperitivo, punt e mes, Licor 43, spiced syrup, spiced cranberry bitters, Prosecco, soda

EL BURRO €13.50 |Goslings dark rum, homemade cherry & beetroot juice, fresh lemon juice, Spanish bitters, FeverTree ginger beer


In Copiña we regularly create new cocktails and bring back old favourites – it means there’s always something new to try. Our ‘Back to the Future’ cocktails are available for a limited time only, so don’t miss out…

THAI PUNCH €12 | Chilli + coriander infused rum, coconut rum, lemongrass, mango purée, lime juice, pineapple juice

COPIÑA COLADA €12 | Coconut washed plantain grande reserve, lime juice, coconut crème, pineapple, milk, nutmeg

Garden Collins Cocktail


(18h–19h tous les jours)

Join us every day from 6pm to 7pm for two for one cocktails! It’s the perfect chance to try something new, like our Copiña specials or our limited edition ‘Back to the Future’ cocktails…