Rich Wright

Role: Manager

Age: 29

From: Reading

Seasons: 10

Ski/Board: These days boarding


I first visited Meribel back in the 2005/6 season and instantly realised this was where I wanted to stay, unfortunately that little thing called University got in the way for 3 years, but since 2009 I have not looked back.

Oli Wright aka Safe Oli

Role: Assistant Manager

Age: 27

From: West Wales

Seasons: 5.5

Ski/Board: Snowboard for life


Why Meribel: Live music & good people.

Favourite Drink: Mutzig/Rum

Interesting fact: I’m a Hip-Hop junkie.

Embarrasing Fact(?): LIGHT'S ON SOCKS OFF!

Louise 'Babyshambles' Jenkins

Role: Shift Leader

Age: 23

From: Southampton

Seasons: 5

Ski/Board: Board



Why Jacks: Best Bar in Town!

Why Meribel: Snowboarding, Aprés, Best People and Jack's Bar

Favourite Drink: Gin and Expresso Martinis

Interesting Fact: There is a "Hug Me" Coca-Cola machine in Singapore which gives you a can of coke each time you hug it.

Embarasing Fact: I thought the thing you shouted at Halloween was "Treacle Treat" for 21 years.



Laura Blackwell

Role: Shift Leader

Age: 31

From: South Wales

Seasons: 3

                                        Ski/Board: Snowboarder



Why Jacks: Because it is the best place to be in town. FACT

Why Meribel: Because it is the best place to be in the Alps. Also FACT

Favourite Drink: Martini on the Rocks with a twist of Lemon

Embarrassing Fact: I got a 'splinter' in my bum that managed to end my summer season.

Interesting Fact: If pinocchio said 'My nose will grow now' it would be a paradox. Think about it!


Emily "Demily" Bere

Role: Bar staff

Age: 22

From: North Devon

Seasons: 2

Ski/Board: Board


Why Jacks: I have too much fun there. If you haven't heard of Jack's... Oh you will!

Why Meribel: It has the perfect balance. A great mountain to shred and it's full of good vibes. I am lucky to call it home.

Favourite Drink: Gin and bitter lemon

Interesting Fact: Sloths do a dance when they go poop, which is also known as 'the poop dance'

Embarasing Fact: I used to be totally scared of heights. I couldnt even stand on an escalator. Now you can find me hardly keeping my feet on the ground, jumping off anything possible.

Alexis Beaumont

Role: Bar staff


From: Down Under

Seasons: 2

Ski/Board: Swing Both Ways

Why Jacks: 

Why Meribel: Was in Vallandry last year and wanted to experience a real Ski Resort

Embarrassing Fact: Don't let me drink Genepi....

Interesting Fact: I am no longer allowed back in the Paradiski

Adele Bateman

Role: Bar Staff


From: Wales

Seasons: First!

Preference: Ski

Why Jacks: Heard its the best bar for Welshies

Why Meribel: Part of the biggest Ski Area in the world

Intersting Fact: Sheep out number Welsh people 5-to-1 in Wales

Embarasing Fact: According to a recent poll the hottest female in my village is a sheep

Alice Jackson

Role: Bar Staff

Age: 24

From: London

Seasons: 1

                                         Preference: Ski

Why Jacks: Word on the street is it's best in town

Why Meribel: Always Keen to explore new places

Favourite Drink: An ice cold Gin & Tonic heavy on the Lime (and Gin)

Interesting Fact: A group of Ferrets is called a business

Embarrassing Fact: I used to kiss a Ronan Keating poster every night before I went to bed


Josh Persaud-Walters


Role: Bar Staff

Age: 23

From: South London

Seasons: 0

                                         Preference: Snowboard

Why Jack's Bar: Chance to work in the heart of the 3 Valleys at the best bar in town

Why Meribel: 

Favourite Drink: Brandy Alexander

Interesting Fact: In Ohio it is illegal to get a fish drunk

Embarrassing Fact: 

Bradley Wells

Role: Bar Staff

From: Sunny Suffolk

Age: 25

Seasons: 1

Preference: Boarding

Why Meribel: Google didn't have a bad thing to say about it!

Interesting Fact: Contrary to popular belief I have not met Alan Partridge

Favourite Drink: Free and Strong

Kyle Putt

Role: Pizza Chef


Seasons: 1

Preference: Board

Why Jacks: Best Pizza's in town

Why Meribel: Jack's is there

Embarrassing Fact: I spent 3 years of my life training in Classical Dance

Interesting Fact: Ballet is the only occupation where Women are paid more then Men

Gareth Thomas


Role: Pizza Chef


From: Wales

Seasons: 1

                                        Preference: Snowboard

Why Jacks: It's a more fun place to work than Evolution

Why Meribel: DC  and Moon Parks means best parks in the Alps

Embarrassing Fact: My girlfriends name is Waitress

Interesting Fact: I am a co-founder of the Pickle Party


Callum Royle

Role: Pizza Chef


From: Cornwall

Seasons: 1

Preference: Boarder

Why Jacks: Recommended to me by so many people!

Why Meribel: Best resort in the world

Embarrassing Fact: Ask Lionel

Andy "Wandy" Johnston


Role: Head of Security

Age: 25

From: Glasgow

                                        Seasons: 2

                                        Ski/Board: Single Plank of Wood

Why Jacks: Becuase they all missed me last season

Why Meribel: Thursday Club

Favourite drink: Orange Mad Dog

Interesting Fact: Thursday is a state of mind not a day

Embarrasing Fact: Riche once had to collect me off the bus from LDV and carry me home. I slept with my helmet on.

Jamie Swindells

Role: Security
Seasons: 1
Preference: Ski

Why Jacks: Because Meribel!

Why Meribel: Because Jack's!

Embarrasing Fact: At 25 I couldn't Ski or Snowboard

Interesting Fact: I play Trumpet in a Funk Band

Favourite Drink: Dark N' Stormy




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