Most people in town will be able to point you in the direction of Jack's and there is a good chance anyone you ask will speak English! If you can't find any helpful souls then follow these simple directions...

From the centre of town: We are only 3 minutes from the centre of town. Head straight down the hill towards the main ski lift area 'La Chaudanne'. Keep going down the hill until you come to a boardshop called Oxygene on your right. Turn right here and you will find yourself at the top of some steps looking down at a steaming outdoor swimming pool. Walk down the steps and walk through the doors below the neon "Jacks" sign.


From the mountain: Ski, board, sledge but under no circumstances snowblade to the bottom of the mountain to 'La Chaudanne'. Much like the roads and Rome all pistes lead here eventually. Walk across this snowy expanse towards the main road, cross over the roundabout and walk 50m along the bottom road with the bus stops and the Olympic Centre on your left. You should by now see the steam rising off the outdoor swimming pool, head towards it and wave as you walk past our colleagues in Evolution restaurant.

Hoorah, you've found us! Now sit back, relax and enjoy!

Still lost? Perhaps this webcam will help

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